• I have had the cataracts in both my eyes operated on by Dr Manoj Saxena in 2007 and 2009. Despite being a gynaecologist by profession, I’ve never been very comfortable with injections for myself. When Dr Manoj suggested I go in for topical anaesthesia where no injection is used at all, I was really relieved. The experience was short and sweet! I was made comfortable and before I could really think much, the surgery was done. The vision in both my eyes is excellent and my experience with Dr Manoj very gratifying.
    Dr Manjula Saxena Treated for 2 weeks
  • Dr Manoj Saxena operated on my mother in law for her cataract. I felt very comfortable and appreciated the care and concern of Dr Manoj and his staff towards my mother in law. She was made to feel very much at home and not like she is in a hospital.
    Dr Farah Ashhar Chief Medical Officer
  • My first contact with Dr Manoj Saxena was when I developed a retinal detachment in my left eye. I was told by some that I would not regain vision in that eye. But Dr Manoj Saxena operated on me and I regained good vision in that eye and till today I can see very well with it.
    Mrs Ratna Prabha Sarup Noida
  • I am able to perform the minutest technical work as well as paintings even after several years of retirement as Chief Aircraf Engineer because of the cataract surgery done by Dr Manoj Saxena. I have complete trust in his abilities. May God bless him as an ablest surgeon.
    Surendra Sarup (84yrs), Noida